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Valentines Day 2017 Lineart by BuildMoreSalems Valentines Day 2017 Lineart :iconbuildmoresalems:BuildMoreSalems 2 3 Bad Puns Are Bad by BuildMoreSalems Bad Puns Are Bad :iconbuildmoresalems:BuildMoreSalems 2 2 I made a meme by BuildMoreSalems I made a meme :iconbuildmoresalems:BuildMoreSalems 0 7 Brahkam ref without wings by BuildMoreSalems Brahkam ref without wings :iconbuildmoresalems:BuildMoreSalems 3 1
Scattered part 1/2
Avali: Ahv-all-ee. Avali are a race of what was originally a nomadic Apex race. (Apex as in predatory hunters, not the Apex race from starbound) They originated in the game Spore and eventually became part of the game Starbound as a modification to the game. They look oddly like an Anthropomorphic version of a Velociraptor, but have several differences.
here are some images so you know what they look like.
Each Avali have their own traits and characteristics, as any other creature. If you want to learn more about them go to it is very detailed and paints a solid image of how they work. But anyways, enjoy the story!
///Login Accepted!\\\
///Classified Data!\\\
///Code Red Alert!\\\
///Accessing Database... Incoming Urgent Report!\\\
///Avali Space Vessel: Exploration Vessel, Kestrel Class\\\
///Crew: Raize Kal (Pilot), Grambar Syn (Wepons Specialist), Eilun Banto (Communications Officer and Technician), Kumox
:iconbuildmoresalems:BuildMoreSalems 2 3
(Sneak peek) Scattered short story
///Login Accepted!\\\
///Classified Data!\\\
///Code Red Alert!\\\
///Accessing Database... Incoming Urgent Report!\\\
///Avali Space Vessel: Exploration Vessel, Kestrel Class\\\
///Crew: Raize Kal (Pilot), Grambar Syn (Wepons Specialist), Eilun Banto (Communications Officer), Kumox Elixium (Engineer), Tallun Delinar (Scout and Field Medic)\\\
///Actual Location: Unknown\\\
///Last known Location: Alphat Tahanis Solar System\\\
///Mission: Exploration\\\
///Status: KIA\\\
///Incoming Ship Log\\\
The audiolog starts with a Klaxon alarm blaring, signaling a hull breach. There is interferece as air rushes across the microphone, escaping out of the ship. The mic falls to shouting and the sound of weapon fire reverberating through the ship as an energy barrier blocks the breach.
"Raize, we need to get out of here!" The sound of Eilun was heard, interfered by light static.
"I'm trying the bes-" The audio cuts Raize out as they are hit with a heavy railgun, causing the mic to be overwheal
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Collab w/Dannywins by BuildMoreSalems Collab w/Dannywins :iconbuildmoresalems:BuildMoreSalems 4 2 New Brahkam Concept by BuildMoreSalems New Brahkam Concept :iconbuildmoresalems:BuildMoreSalems 1 3 Rainy Evening by BuildMoreSalems Rainy Evening :iconbuildmoresalems:BuildMoreSalems 5 3
Dragons of Gravotally chapter 2
       The Human aircraft hovered in front of the entrance to the family cave scattering dirt and dried leaves into the air. Descending perpendicular to the entrance of the cave so a closed hatchway door faced the cave. Brahkam watched the metal bird's landing legs stretch out as the rest of his blood kin appeared from the cave. The glowing eyes of the metal bird closed, making night sight easier. Human symbols displayed in gold wrote, “PON-120” a Human transporting vessel for military use. Brahkam tensed, ready for a fight. If Humans were warring with Draghenali then they were in trouble. They didn't know how to fight them because all but there mother were so young. Brahkam's brothers and sister were in a defensive stance as well mother.
The PON-1209 landed softly as the hatchway began to open from the top, revealing the face of a single Human. He looked very tall for a Human. His shoulders were squared and he had very hard features on his face. His hat
:iconbuildmoresalems:BuildMoreSalems 1 1
Dragons of Gravotally chapter 1
he day when Brahkam hatched was a day to be remembered, his mother looking so relived that he hadn't perished inside his egg. Brahkam hatched twelve days late, while his brothers and sister all hatched on time. he was a small and sickly Gradenali, hardly able to eat, drink, or even crawl. The most  shocking of all was that he was born with four tails, which has never happened before. There have been Draghenali that have had two tails, which was rare on its own, but four should have been impossible. There's a first for everything.
The five Gradenali never knew their father, as he died because one day he tried to eat one of the younglings while they were still in their eggs. Their mother killed him in defense of the helpless eggs. Although they had no father now, their mother always tells them how good he was. He always took care of her, never let her down, even in the war. His name was Dhengar, and he was russet red and gray colored.
After learning to use speech, they had asked the
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Dragons of Gravotally Prologue
One Light year away from the planet Earth, or in our language, Khovel, lies a planet inside the Milky Way Galaxy full of life. This planet has fresh water, an abundance of plant life, and It's own sentient race. Of course, there's other planets out there who are flowing with life and intelligence, but Humans have turned them into their own facilities. Not all belong to them though, actually very few, but they are growing fast.
Our planet, with thirty-one moons orbiting it, is a very large planet indeed. It's name is Gravotally, its size is comparable to the Gas Giant Jupiter in the Human's home star system. Almost half our planets surface is water, a large portion of the water is shallows with many aquatic plants inhabiting it. These plants have turned the color of those areas a slight green, but it is harmless. It's just the color diffusing into the water.
Along with the large masses of plants comes many herbivores, But the predators keep all the Plant-eaters from killing all the orga
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Switch around meme by BuildMoreSalems Switch around meme :iconbuildmoresalems:BuildMoreSalems 1 3 Don't Meddle With Dragons by BuildMoreSalems Don't Meddle With Dragons :iconbuildmoresalems:BuildMoreSalems 2 1 OC: Schattiertes Licht by BuildMoreSalems OC: Schattiertes Licht :iconbuildmoresalems:BuildMoreSalems 3 0 New OC ref lineart by BuildMoreSalems New OC ref lineart :iconbuildmoresalems:BuildMoreSalems 3 0


'nother socks sin by Callioppan 'nother socks sin :iconcallioppan:Callioppan 11 1 fun basket by dannywins fun basket :icondannywins:dannywins 6 7 Mother and Son by runandwine Mother and Son :iconrunandwine:runandwine 169 33 Stitch 'n Pets by TsaoShin Stitch 'n Pets :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 3,553 343 Sadness by Saphoras Sadness :iconsaphoras:Saphoras 14 3 Brahkam and Sinalu JD by Unbeatablemeghan13 Brahkam and Sinalu JD :iconunbeatablemeghan13:Unbeatablemeghan13 19 2 not today by dannywins not today :icondannywins:dannywins 12 6 Sinalu Reference 2017 by dannywins Sinalu Reference 2017 :icondannywins:dannywins 13 14 sleepyhaze by dannywins sleepyhaze :icondannywins:dannywins 10 5 AVALI-able job to help Human -Prelude- 2 by nocara AVALI-able job to help Human -Prelude- 2 :iconnocara:nocara 16 2 AVALI-able job to help Human -Prelude- 1 by nocara AVALI-able job to help Human -Prelude- 1 :iconnocara:nocara 17 7 AT:Love Bugs by Foamblanket AT:Love Bugs :iconfoamblanket:Foamblanket 16 10 4 by dannywins 4 :icondannywins:dannywins 8 6 Vex walk cycle by DracoPhobos Vex walk cycle :icondracophobos:DracoPhobos 94 30 Blood and Roses [Pixel Commish] by Aevix Blood and Roses [Pixel Commish] :iconaevix:Aevix 34 4 G: In a Synthwave style by Drerika G: In a Synthwave style :icondrerika:Drerika 28 11



I had just got Angels With Scaly Wings, a visual text based storytelling game where every decision you make has conciquences that impact the rest of the game.

Very good game, I enjoy it for several reasons. Not in any particular order.

1) Dragons Everywhere! 90% of the characters are dragons.

2) The adaptove story that chnges with each decision.

3) Looks like a cheesey game when you go check it out on steam store but see it has 98% positive rating, and then you play it and you feel the $10 is worth every penny and then some.

4) Very good story and character development, although a little rough around the edges. Still very great though.

5) Feels™ This game has made me feel in ways I've never felt from a game in a long time/ever. There were a few moments I just had to save the game and just exit for a while because the feels were too strong.

And a bunch of other small things, but It's definately one of those "Don't judge a book by it's cover." Games. I would say it is well deserving of it's 98% approval rating.
  • Listening to: Miti5, Nienty9 Lives, Fient, Nena
  • Reading: Angels With Scaly Wings
  • Playing: Space Engineers. Angels With Scaly Wings.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am a 17 year old artist who likes to try new mediums. I currently use most forms of traditional art such as pencils, charcoal, pastel, and crafts. I'm also trying out digital art with a wacom tablet. I am big on fantasy, sci-fi
, and steampunk. I can draw all those plus inanimate objects. I cannot draw humans at all. Though I am practicing, I probably won't submit any human artwork until it's at least halfway decent.

I also play some games, yes, most of us do. ADMIT IT! But I'm not a big shoot-em-up player. I am more into the strategy games. I do have a steam account, which is apachegoboom. I am not always on but I do talk. I also don't play games that much as I'm usually too busy to play games.

Lastly, I'm always open for conversation. If you want to talk just shoot me a comment or a note, just, please don't clutter my page with thanks of watches or faves. Though I'm glad to make you feel appreciated, but you can always send me a note.

__/**88`___________I LOVE DRAGONS!!!

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